Best Electric Bikes Under 500

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best electric bikes under 500

Do you know about E-Bikes and its advantages? If your answer is no, then you need to know about Best Electric Bikes under 500. Electric bicycles, also known as E-Bikes, is familiar with the normal bike except it has an addition of an electric motor.

Most of the E-Bikes are made with a combination of bike and cycle, with low running cost and minimal repair charges. E-Bike uses chargeable electric batteries to run in the range of 25-35 km/hr. And covering a distance in the range of 25-50 km depending on the power of the battery.

Huge variety of E-bikes is available in the market everywhere in the world. It is designed to keep in view the biography of a normal bike. However, the design of the e-bike is exploded.

You can notice around you that people use these from city bikes to cargo bikes, mountain bikes to messenger bikes, folding bikes, road bikes and even use as beach cruisers, it means everyone around you has some kind of interest in it.

The unique beauty of e-bike is that many people can enjoy cycling in different ways. It eliminates different hurdles that keep people away from cycling. For example, steep hills, headwinds, and bike commutes, which make people sweaty, messy, and tired.

E-bikes open the doors of freedom, fun, joy, and increase the satisfaction level of cycling. All of these are available and reachable for a wide variety of possible cyclists.

Innovative electric bikes may be a gorgeous substitute of both traditional and conventional autos. Because these are an environment-friendly, economical, and easy way to travel around.

Let’s have a look at electric bikes available in the market and choose the best one fit on your lifestyle.

List Of Best Electric Bikes Under 500

ANCHEER12 MPHYes Check Price
Shaofu15.5 MPHYes Check Price
Kemanner25 MPHYes Check Price
ANCHEER25 MPHNo Check Price
Yiilove22 MPHNo Check Price
Aceshin50 MPHNo Check Price
ANCHEER20 MPHNo Check Price
ANCHEER25 MPHYes Check Price
350W Folding25 MPHYes Check Price
NAKTO22 MPHNo Check Price

1. ANCHEER Folding Electric Ebike

best electric bikes under 500

ANCHEER electric bicycle is the best solution for women to go for office or to hang out with friends in the nearby areas. It is the best electric bike for women to drive with a height of 6 feet or less for traveling in the short area. You can find this bike durable and comfortable as its frame is made of aluminum.

It is powered with a powerful motor of 350W installed in the rear hub. A strong rechargeable battery is included to run the motor. It moves with a speed range of 20-25 km/hr.

You can also lock your speed with a cruise control system without twisting the throttle by connecting it with your mobile through Bluetooth.

Additionally, you can safely use this E-bike in the rain or drive in water because all the electric system is protected with waterproof technology. It is light in weight and provides you the folding option so you can handle it easily.

Quick Features:

APP Supportive System: to increase your reliability, it is facilitated with Bluetooth system (supporting Android 4.3 / IOS 8 and above) used for controlling speed, motor locking, time and millage recording, etc.

Premium Quality and Fashionable Design: it is a perfect mixture of quality and design to maintain your lifestyle up to date. It includes a powerful motor of 350W capacity, modern aluminum alloy frame, and double layer aluminum alloy wheels.

First-class Brakes: at the rear and front wheels entirely keep your safety. High power carbon steel is used in front fork supported with good quality shock absorption and multi-layer aluminum alloy wheel.

  • Water Proof Technology
  • Light in weight
  • Folding frame option
  • Powerful battery with a capacity of 36V 64Ah
  • Cruise Control
  • Innovative Design
  • Solid Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • PEGS are not included

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2. Shaofu Folding Electric Bicycle

best electric bikes under 500

It is the best electric bike for seniors, designed in dolphin shape for traveling with a speed range of 25-35 km/hr. In a circle of 25-50 km. You can also find that its frame is made up of aluminum alloy. It is also feasible for fat people as it supports a load of 120 kg.

For your safety and reliability, it comes with famous waterproof technology and heavy motor of 350W 36V and a powerful rechargeable battery. You can easily fold it and save it after use. You can easily charge the battery with the folding frame or maybe by removing the battery from frame.

APP speed settings enable you to control speed even on slopes of less than 10 degrees for a length of 50m and weight under 160lbs. Moreover, it offers dual working mode you can either choose E-bike or assisted bicycle to ride.

Quick Features:

Folding Frame: if you have no parking space, folding option eliminate this problem. It is easily foldable and allows you to handle or adjust in little space that may be under the table etc.

Front Fork: for safe and pleasant journey strong carbon steel comfort shock are fitted to increase comfort during ride and make you away from tiredness.

Removable Lithium Battery: with a power of 36V 350W for charging with folding frame or remove for charging with the powerful charger provided with the electric bike.

  • Waterproof technology
  • Dual working mode
  • Powerful electric motor
  • Disc brake system
  • Heavy load capacity up to 120 kg
  • APP speed controls
  • Brake system create problem after some time

3. Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike

best electric bikes under 500

It is a cost-effective electric-assist bike to travel in nearby areas or to enjoy outdoors. Offers you dual working modes allow you to adjust as per your feasibility. It includes mechanical disc brakes on both wheels to maximize road safety. Shimano 21 speed gear to increase power during hill climbing. It is the best electric bike for hunters.

This E-bike is designed with famous innovative features like solid design and speedy ride. Solid aluminum alloy is used in frame with double-walled aluminum alloy rims for a fast ride and supports heavy load capacity. High power front fork suspension can make you enjoy the high-level ride.

Quick Features:

Premium Braking System: for your safe journey dual disk brake system is installed with good stopping power in all weathers and increase your safety.

Dual Mode Switch: as per your mood of journey this electric bike offer to use pedals also for battery saving to cover more distance or move ridding with electric mode.

Frame Quality: of this bike is extraordinary to maximize safety. Aluminum Alloy is used for frame as well as aluminum alloy double-walled rims are installed to increase the durability.

  • Heavy load capacity
  • Long battery timing
  • 21-speed gear for hill climbing
  • An anti-chain out protector to avoid chain slipping
  • LED 3-speed smart meter switch
  • Heavyweight difficult to handle
  • The acid battery is used which is hard to handle

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4. ANCHEER Upgraded Electric Mountain Bike

best electric bikes under 500

ANCHEER 2019 is the best electric bike for adults with gear shifting to gain the desired level of speed and control. Powerful 36V 500W brushless gear motor is used to speed up your journey with long battery time.

It moves with a speed range of 20 m/hr. And covers up to 25-35 miles on a single charging. It comes with an adjustable seat height in the range of 32.6-38 inches.

Small changes may bring clear enhancement in comfort level depending on your needs. It offers an adjust option in the stem. You can use longer stem if you need aggressive, racy and aerodynamic position, or use shorter stem in a more upright position if you need comfort level.

Quick Features:

Gearshift and Brake System: allow you to change gear transmission according to your requirements with perfect brakes system to increase safety.

Powerful Motor: of 250/500W run in the speed range of 20 m/hr and assist you in moving easily in nearby areas with your desired speed.

Removable Lithium Battery: with a large capacity of 36V, 8AH. The removable option allows you to charge it separately by removing from the bike.

  • 100% Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Dual Working Mode
  • Low Charging Time
  • Adjustable stem as per your needs
  • Saddle tube: Aluminum Alloy seat tube
  • Adjustable seat
  • Heavy Weight Battery

5. Yiilove Electric Bicycle 26

best electric bikes under 500

Yiilove Electric Bicycle 26” is the best electric bike for students. Premium-quality design with an aluminum alloy frame, reliable shock absorption, and high strength carbon steel. You can find it safe to travel with it due to premium quality aluminum alloy front brake which gives perfect stoppage force.

It includes powerful brushless motor of 250W, and Shimano 21 speed gear system provides comfort level in your journey. You can change gears as per your needs and mood of traveling.

Moreover, multiple working modules offer your desired level of traveling around. You can travel more distance by using its feature of the assisted bicycle or use the pedal to save the battery.

Quick Features:

Foldable: it is easily foldable, and this feature allows you to handle it effortlessly and save in little area, which helps you to save your parking space.

Three working modules: assisted bicycle, electric bike, and normal bike allow you to choose the option as per your requirement.

Gearshift system: of classic Shimano 21 speed gear with high-quality disc brakes for the smooth and strong braking system in all weather conditions.

  • Premium quality Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Powerful 250W brushless motor
  • High power Removable 36V 8Ah lithium battery
  • Dual Disc Braking System
  • High load capacity
  • Pay more freight on order due to heavyweight

6. Aceshin 26 Electric Mountain Bike

best electric bikes under 500

Aceshin 26” E-bike comes with high power battery, feasible design, premium quality material, gear shifting system and a huge battery timing. It is the best electric bike for hunters to chase their target.

It offers ergonomic handlebar, RST, anti-slip, and wear-resistant tire and adjustable seat as per your needs. Meter with 3-speed smart switch to control your desired speed.

Quick Features:

User-friendly design: with adjustable seat, anti-slip tires quality, solid carbon steel shock absorption to increase relaxation level and keep you away from weariness.

Friendly design: with adjustable seat, anti-slip tires quality, solid carbon steel shock absorption to increase relaxation level and keep you away from weariness.

Removable lithium battery: with a large capacity of 36V / 8AH equipped with smart lithium charger with charging time of 4-6 hrs covers a distance of 25-50 km depending on the selected mode of E-bike.

Lightweight: 100% aluminum alloy frame is designed with high power carbon steel and strong shock system to enjoy your ride at the next level.

  • 3 types of working modules
  • Premium brake and gear shifting system
  • Bright headlight and horn
  • Double-layer Aluminum Alloy wheels
  • Wear-resistant and anti-slip tire technology
  • Not waterproof

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7. ANCHEER 26 Electric Mountain Bike

best electric bikes under 500

ANCHEER E-bike is a symbol of quality. It is manufactured with high-quality materials and cutting edge technology. It also provides a cost-effective and comfortable journey. It introduces stem’s length, hand bar angle, and seat adjustment options as per your needs.

It moves with the electric motor of 350W at a maximum speed of 32 km/hr and covers a distance of about 30km on electric mode and up to 50km on assisted mode.

It offers dual disc brakes to ensure your safety. You can handle it in a better way with an extraordinary front suspension fork and enjoy a glibber riding experience. You can find its increased durability with double-walled rims.

Quick Features:

Electric System: with multiple working modes, i.e. pedal-assisted bike, e-bike, and normal bike. You can choose any mood which fit as per your nature.

High-Quality Frame: this electric mountain bike frame made with aluminum alloy 6061 with electrostatic baking varnish and hydroforming technology.

Adjusting options and Fork Suspension: It includes adjusting option for hand bar angle, seat height, and stem’s length as per your comfort level. Front fork suspension takes you to the next level of comfort.

  • Perfect for off-road journey
  • Shimano 21-Speed gear
  • Load capacity: 150kg/330lbs
  • Dual disc brake system
  • Not foldable

8. ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike

best electric bikes under 500

Ancheer 20 inches electric bike gives better riding comfort as compared with other small wheel bikes. Innovative design and premium aluminum alloy frame increase the reliability and durability of E-bike. It is light in weight with the folding option so you can save it in little space.

250W high-speed brushless motor is equipped, and a powerful 36V 8AH lithium Ion battery with a smart lithium battery charger can allow you to ride up to 25-50 km.

Additionally, dual disc brake system increases your safety during the ride. Solid carbon steel is used in front fork with high comfort shock absorption to maximize your comfort level. Triple working mode can enhance your satisfaction level. You may choose a pedal-assisted bike, E-bike, and normal bike as per your mood.

Quick Features:

Innovative and Collapsible Frame: For quick folding and easy, to store saves your parking space. Modern design allows you to use this E-bike more efficiently.

Three working segments: Multiple modes, i.e. pedal-assisted bike, e-bike, and normal bike allow you to adjust your riding mode according to your requirement.

Durable quality: which is assured with strong aluminum alloy frame also light in weight. Double-layer aluminum alloy wheels are installed with disc brakes.

  • Lightweight
  • The long-lasting battery
  • Speedy motor
  • Triple speed smart meter button
  • Anti-slip wear-resistant tire
  • Dual disk system
  • Frame warranty is not available

9. 350W Folding Electric Bicycle with 15Mile Range

best electric bikes under 500

When selecting an electric bicycle, design innovation and soft padding are important to consider. This electric bicycle in emission-free and environment-friendly and saves your money. It offers powerful motor, quality brakes, large battery, and much more. You can experience superior control with rear disc brakes and enjoy consistent stopping.

Besides all, it includes a shock-absorbent tire for outstanding riding experience. This two-wheel bike with a wheel diameter of 12 inches run with a high-speed electric motor with a power capacity of 350W and attains a speed range of 25-35km/hr.

It is supported with a large capacity chargeable battery of 36V 6Ah which covers the distance in the range of 25 km. It takes less than 3 hrs to charge the battery with an electric charger provided with this E-bike.

Quick Features:

Improved Safety Measurements: by installing rear disc brake to gain more control and consistent stopping, LED headlight, horn, etc.

Zero Emissions: This electric bike is designed with pure emission-free system that helps you to save your money and makes your ride environment-friendly.

APP Supporting Technology: allows connecting through Bluetooth technology (supports above than Android 4.3/ IOS 8) for adjusting and recording speed and millage.

  • Foldable, easy to handle and store
  • Low charging time
  • LED display for battery indication
  • Big capacity battery
  • Quality disc brakes
  • No PEDS

10. NAKTO 26 Electric Bicycle Sporting Shimano

best electric bikes under 500

Nakto 26″ Electric Bicycle comes with a solid carbon steel frame which makes it durable and strong. Premium comfort shock is installed with a front fork make of same carbon steel as in the frame to increase comfort during the ride.

Basically, this E-bike is designed to run on streets and roads but not for bumpy off the road and hilly riding. Nakto 26” also offer dual working modes so you can adjust mode according to your comfort and requirement so you can travel more on a single charging.

This E-bike is equipped with a 6-speed gear shifting system. You can operate a gear system by pushing a button for upshifting, and a lever is present for transfer in downshifting.

Powerful high-speed brushless gear motor of 250W offers to ride effortlessly in the speed range of 18-25 m/hr. High power 36V, 10Ah lithium battery with removable option is used to operate the motor which covers a distance of 22-28 miles in E-bike mode and 28-35 miles in assisted bike mode with a single charge. Moreover, it is equipped with a headlamp, horn, tool kit, basket, smart battery charger, user manual, etc.

Quick Features:

PAS: this bike uses a famous feature of paddle assistant system to ride without using battery which allows you to travel more area with single battery charge.

Battery:36V*10AH Lightweight, Long Lasting Lithium Cell Battery In A Sealed Removable Pack, allow you to ravel in the range of 20 miles without using PAS.

Design and Durability: increases the durability with a solid carbon steel frame with a classic look and Electric Motor (Camel/Fashion/Classic) of 250W 36V with high-speed brushes to attain a speed around 25-30m/hr.

  • Variable speed control
  • High load capacity up to 120kg
  • High-grade SHIMANO 6 speed gear
  • Wide tire to avoid slipping and increase road grip
  • Wide bright light LED headlamp
  • Economical in running
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Not good for off-road riding

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the life span of Battery and cost of a new battery?

Normally the battery life covers 1,000 cycles, but keeping the battery in dry environments can increase life. Most of the batteries come with a warranty. But eventually, if it needs replacement, it cost up to 500$ depending on the manufacturer and quality of the battery.

2. Which E-Bike should I buy?

It depends on your choice. It comes in mountain bike style, fat bike, hybrid, and different utility preferences. Your intended use and style of riding is a major factor in the selection as well as cost may also be an important factor.

3. For whom E-Bike is designed?

E-Bike is designed for everyone, but it will fit for certain riders. You can go on hills, for an outing with friends, use for exercise, E-bike is a reasonable solution for everyone.


To sum it up, E-Bikes perform well on various types of grounds, apart from serious lift-serviced downhill trails or for technical trials. These are good to keep, energy-efficient, low maintaining cost with offering medium size traveling. These have its own group of disadvantages but not serious.

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